3 Year Warranty and Why Specify LCN…???

August 24, 2011 

Blog from the President:

To date our “Made in the USA Challenge” created nothing but haters due to my competitors continued use of producing in Asia and Mexico.  We will continue to produce all products here and our newest swing door operator – Z4000—will be made completely in the USA!  

FYI, one European company that buys an add-on product for their swing door operator from DC Controls, told me that they will quickly design me out for exposing their company on their manufacturing locations.  Well, I am not sweating this either for if they could make their product right the first time—they would not need us.  Not my problem that we are better designers than the Europeans!  Plus, I guarantee our products quality exceed the Europeans –so yes,  I am saying our products in the USA are built better and not over designed!

Continue to pass the word on that—“Made in the USA”—means quality and U.S. jobs.

On a product note, our company has just expanded the warranty of our Z7000 product to 3 years! I believe all competitors are one year and only LCN (manufactured by IR) warrants for 2 years.  However, not sure how they can claim two years on that piece of …….Really if you saw their product up against our guerrilla of a product—no comparison.  A 500 lb guerrilla (or two college kids on steroids) can hang on the arm of our product and not break it.  The most that can go wrong is a $4.00 powder metal part (made in the USA) could plastically deform and crack.  Not true on the LCN manual operator combined with a PCB to transform into an automatic door mechanism.  Plus, how can you sell these for three times the price?????  Really ???  IR –do you not feel bad for offering an inferior product?  Hey Architects you need your head examined for specifying the LCN automatic operators! 

In addition, we are sending out with each U.S. Built Operator a “Certificate of Authenticity.”  This will include the date of service and the name of the certified technician that installed the Z7000 operator and soon the Z4000 operator.  We are going back to our roots and will setup training for all our distributors.  Each distributor in the country must be certified to install our operators.  Plus, we will provide training to utilize our access technology products to be installed with the Z7000 and Z4000 operators. 

Continue to specify U.S. designed and manufactured products.  We need jobs in the USA. 


Dave Edelbrock