Handicap and Automatic

November 1, 2012


Blog from the President:

From all my previous blogs there has been a hint of sarcasm and
wondering why all competitors are building everything in China.  “Made
in the USA
” logo and a three warranty will continue to push our “handicap and
automatic doors” into the majority of all architectural specifications. All Z7000 and now our new Z4000 operators will have the domed sticker “MADE IN USA” proudly flying on the right hand corner or left hand corner of all Z7000 and Z4000 headers.

All companies will have to either build in the USA or continue
to act like they cannot and lose print position.  Handicap
doors like the Z7000
should not be manufactured in China.  We, at DC Controls, Inc. will continue to build all “handicap
and automatic doors”
right in Addison, Texas.
Therefore, I am now working on building our Distributor and Representative network to push our line of handicap and automatic doors.   We think building all handicap and
automatic doors
in Addison, Texas and keeping all major components built in the USA, we can dominate the handicap and automatic
door market
– provided we have better representation than factory outlets.  So, I am looking
for the best Representatives and Distributors to push our line of “handicap and automatic
in all parts of the U.S.A.  We are not adequately distributed or represented right now and this
is fixing to change this month.

So, all interested parties that are interested in selling handicap and automatic doors across your region, please send me letters and line cards to:

DC Controls, Inc.

c/o Handicap Doors and Automatic Door Rep/Dist

P.O.Box 2051

Addison, TX 75001


Dave Edelbrock

P.S. “Buy American made Handicap doors from American made companies!”