About Us

About Us

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DC Controls, Inc. is the new wave of excellence in the Automatic DoorIndustry. As a small company, we intend to grow for customers’ needs

while maintaining the level of quality that most companies have left

behind. Here at DC Controls we believe that customer relations are the

foundation for a lasting business endeavor.

Not only do we have operators and controls, but we also have all the

replacement parts, cable assemblies, activation switches, and many

modules to satisfy the customer’s every need.

These accessory modules are custom designed to cover all areas

of automatic swing door operations. They are designed for easy

installation and hook up on existing door operators. They are

compatible with most of the operators on the market today. We are

continually designing new modules as well as modifying old ones in

order to keep total door control in the customer’s hands.

Excellent design, and quality manufacturing are what separates

DC Controls, Inc from the rest of the competition.


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