First Cousins (once removed) Reunited

July 23, 2016


Blog from the President:


Referencing my last post (written 2 years ago but just recently posted), “Keep the Disabled Mobile”

has a special meaning in my heart after reconnecting with my 1st cousin once removed in Findlay,

Ohio on February 4, 2016.  Her name is April Patton and she was born with spina bifida.

For 41 years (April looks 25) she has been living with this condition and has many daily obstacles

to overcome –which all of us take for granted.  This is why “Keeping the Disabled Mobile”

is extremely important to her and everyone who is confined to a wheelchair.


As you can see from the picture, April’s smile radiates across the room and really enjoys

all family gatherings.  Unfortunately, this gathering was after a funeral and the funeral

was my Mom’s.  Probably one of the saddest days of my life– for my Mom was my best

friend.  However, when April and I posed for this picture, I remembered how special

April was to my Mom.  For years, my Mom would go to visit her mother in Fort Jennings,

Ohio and always remembered to swing by to say hi to April.  My Mom loved April and wanted

her to feel like she was just an ordinary girl with a special gift from God.  My Mom saw and

understood why April was on this earth — she brings hope, faith and understanding to this world.

No one has a bigger heart than April.  And if April could navigate by herself — she would!  This is

why making April mobile is so important to me.


Soon you will see more of April in my brochures and you will see her big smile radiate

across the page.  April is truly –one special girl with a gift from God.


Dave Edelbrock










The Disabled Accessibility Operator — Made in the USA

March 12, 2014

Blog from the President:

It has been sometime since my last blog, but we at “DC Controls, Inc.”

have reinvented our brand.  No longer will our company reference our “Z7000

as the “Handicap Door Operator made in the USA”. But now, we will be labeling

our Z7000 and the new Z4000 as “The Disabled Accessibility Operator

made in the USA.”

Having a product that can enrich a person’s life by offering unlimited access to a

building without any help from another is important.  Independence is the key to

anyone’s existence in life and can open up many opportunities (Doors) for people

who do not have full mobility.  We take our health and well being for granted and

expect others to fend for themselves.  We at “DC Controls, Inc.”want to change

everyone’s mindset about the Disabled and make their life easier to maneuver and

function.  This is why our “Z7000– MADE IN THE USA” must be installed in

every Government building, University, School, Municipality and Business.  It can

even be used in the residential market!

To date, we found “NO COMPETITION” manufacturing a “Disabled Accessibility

Operator strictly in the USA.” Answer–Buy American built products!

We need jobs in the USA — especially manufacturing jobs.  We have not lost

our luster to compete globally.  This is a “Cop Out” with major companies claiming

they must compete globally so they outsource most of their manufacturing jobs to

China, India, etc. We can keep our “Middle Class Americans” with good paying

manufacturing jobs by keeping lean and sourcing from other American made companies.

Is it just me or when did most companies in the USA have to pay their V.P.”s and Presidents

multi-million dollar salaries and bonuses!  Corporate Greed runs deep in most U.S. Companies.

Therefore, please pass the word on that –MADE in the USA is still hip and means quality and jobs.

And more importantly Mr./Mrs. Architect –Specify the Z7000 and Z4000 in all your future designs.

“This will enhance everyone in the USA —“Keep the Disabled Mobile.”




Dave Edelbrock



Handicap and Automatic

November 1, 2012


Blog from the President:

From all my previous blogs there has been a hint of sarcasm and
wondering why all competitors are building everything in China.  “Made
in the USA
” logo and a three warranty will continue to push our “handicap and
automatic doors” into the majority of all architectural specifications. All Z7000 and now our new Z4000 operators will have the domed sticker “MADE IN USA” proudly flying on the right hand corner or left hand corner of all Z7000 and Z4000 headers.

All companies will have to either build in the USA or continue
to act like they cannot and lose print position.  Handicap
doors like the Z7000
should not be manufactured in China.  We, at DC Controls, Inc. will continue to build all “handicap
and automatic doors”
right in Addison, Texas.
Therefore, I am now working on building our Distributor and Representative network to push our line of handicap and automatic doors.   We think building all handicap and
automatic doors
in Addison, Texas and keeping all major components built in the USA, we can dominate the handicap and automatic
door market
— provided we have better representation than factory outlets.  So, I am looking
for the best Representatives and Distributors to push our line of “handicap and automatic
in all parts of the U.S.A.  We are not adequately distributed or represented right now and this
is fixing to change this month.

So, all interested parties that are interested in selling handicap and automatic doors across your region, please send me letters and line cards to:

DC Controls, Inc.

c/o Handicap Doors and Automatic Door Rep/Dist

P.O.Box 2051

Addison, TX 75001


Dave Edelbrock

P.S. “Buy American made Handicap doors from American made companies!”

Relevance of AAADM

October 4, 2012
Blog from the President:
For the past four years, I have pondered about the relevance of “AAADM” which is the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers.
Here are my problems with this organization:
1.  By quickly looking at the member’s origination, 66.67% of these companies are European, Canadian or Japanese.  So, my hypothesis is the American Association
of Automatic Door Manufacturers mostly originate from outside the U.S. and are not American.  American to me means an
American Company –such as Stanley or Larcor (ATEK) – building product here and originated from the U.S.

a.   So, here is the breakdown on where these companies originate:

i.  ATEK Products (used to be Larcor) – Minnesota–USA

ii.  BEA – Belgium

iii.  Besam or Assa Abloy – Sweden

iv.  Bircher Reglomat – Switzerland

v.  Boon Edam – Amsterdam

vi.  Camdon Door Controls – Canada

vii.  Curran Engineering –California–USA

viii.  Door Control Services – Texas –USA

ix.  Dorma – Germany

x.  Gildor – California –USA – but designed via Europe

xi.  Horton – Japan

xii.  Ditec Entrematic –Canada

xiii.  MS Sedco – Indiana, USA

xiv.  Nabco Entrances –Japan

xv.  Optex – Japan

xvi.  Record – Switzerland

xvii.  Stanley – Indiana/CT –USA

xviii.  Tormax — Switzerland

Now, that is 6 out of 18 or 33.33% from the US and if Gildor (do not know much about them –sorry) uses mostly European products then it maybe a
European Company with a US affiliate –like most of these companies charade as– then it maybe 5 out of 18 or 27.77%.
Then if you exclude Door Controls Services, which is a distributor and rebuilder (FYI, they buy a lot of product made in China), they really do not manufacture
automatic doors to my knowledge –the count would be 4 out of 18 or 22.22%.
In essence, 77.78% of the aforementioned companies are owned via a European, Canadian or Japanese company and one company is a Distributor and
not a true door manufacturer.  So, American Door Manufacturers really does not mean American—a true oxymoron.    Therefore, my hypothesis is correct!

2.  Next problem what is manufactured in the USA?  Not sure if any of these companies manufacture in the USA.  Again, I am not
sure about Gildor but my guess is the gear trains appear to be European so I am assuming no.  Stanley—one of the biggest
companies of the USA – buy a lot of product via China and have been moving more products over to China to save money.
Stanley can change but they have the swagger to continue to build cheap, cheap, cheap– which is evident.

After talking with Record USA, they claim –since they build the door panels in NC and they
bought a U.S. company (K&M Systems) — they are truly American.  What?  They make most major subassemblies in either Europe or China. Cutting headers and
door panels and importing all other product does not constitute made in the USA claim.  That is so bogus!

Referencing the list, Besam is assembling door packages not manufacturing in NC, and Tormax
(San Antonio, TX) is building panels not manufacturing in Texas.    Horton in Corpus Christi, TX does build
some but now importing more to China and Mexico.  My point is three fold.  Manufacturing door packages vertically scaled
(to include aluminum extrusions, investment castings, motor, electronic assemblies, CNC custom parts, springs, gears and sheet metal) made in the USA
keeps Americans employed at the Door Company, the local U.S. suppliers, and maintains quality door products.
Maybe, the USA needs another association called the Association of American Made Door Manufacturers (AAMDM).
Wow, the list would be short.
Dave Edelbrock
Ps:  “Manufacturing in the USA” can still be accomplished by using local U.S. Suppliers and
Manufacturers.  Our core business (years ago) was manufacturing products which made America strong.  Corporate Greed has sold our manufacturing
expertise down the river and out of this country.  Time to Change America! “Buy American from American made companies!”

“Made in the USA” Challenge Part 2

August 7, 2012

Blog from the President:

From my previous blog, no “Automatic Door Manufacturer” ever challenged us on “Made in the USA”claim—reason being—they make some or all of their “Handicap Door parts” in China or somewhere in Asia, India, or Vietnam.  As I see it, there is no other Automatic Swing Door Manufacturer exclusively manufacturing in the U.S.A–only DC Controls, Inc. We even identified who manufactures all major door components for us and the list is as follows:

  1. Aluminum Extrusion—Tower
  2. CNC Aluminum parts –Phasor Precision
  3. Investment castings–Dal-Air
  4. Electronic Assemblies—Phasor Technology
  5. Sheet metal parts – Wrico Texas
  6. Cable Assemblies—Phasor Technology
  7. Spring– Associated Spring
  8. Gear Blanks—Phasor Precision
  9. Hobbed Gears—CMB
  10. 10.  Labels– TGI
  11. Welding and Assembly—DC Controls
  12. Motors –Carter Motors

I am sure all of you are wondering why companies such as Stanley, Besam, IR, Horton and the rest of the motley crew manufacture elsewhere rather than build in the USA – CORPORATE GREED.

So, how do we fix this corporate greed?  Only specify and buy “built in the USA” automatic and handicap doors. Send this blog to all University Presidents, Government officials, State Officials, local Government municipalities, Government Architects and Commercial Architects.  We have an architect specification –so use this to standardize all your automatic door needs.  As we continue to grow, we will continue to add other automatic doors such as automatic slide doors and complete automatic window operators.

Therefore, please pass the word on that—“Made in the USA”—means quality and U.S. jobs.



Dave Edelbrock

3 Year Warranty and Why Specify LCN…???

August 24, 2011 

Blog from the President:

To date our “Made in the USA Challenge” created nothing but haters due to my competitors continued use of producing in Asia and Mexico.  We will continue to produce all products here and our newest swing door operator – Z4000—will be made completely in the USA!  

FYI, one European company that buys an add-on product for their swing door operator from DC Controls, told me that they will quickly design me out for exposing their company on their manufacturing locations.  Well, I am not sweating this either for if they could make their product right the first time—they would not need us.  Not my problem that we are better designers than the Europeans!  Plus, I guarantee our products quality exceed the Europeans –so yes,  I am saying our products in the USA are built better and not over designed!

Continue to pass the word on that—“Made in the USA”—means quality and U.S. jobs.

On a product note, our company has just expanded the warranty of our Z7000 product to 3 years! I believe all competitors are one year and only LCN (manufactured by IR) warrants for 2 years.  However, not sure how they can claim two years on that piece of …….Really if you saw their product up against our guerrilla of a product—no comparison.  A 500 lb guerrilla (or two college kids on steroids) can hang on the arm of our product and not break it.  The most that can go wrong is a $4.00 powder metal part (made in the USA) could plastically deform and crack.  Not true on the LCN manual operator combined with a PCB to transform into an automatic door mechanism.  Plus, how can you sell these for three times the price?????  Really ???  IR –do you not feel bad for offering an inferior product?  Hey Architects you need your head examined for specifying the LCN automatic operators! 

In addition, we are sending out with each U.S. Built Operator a “Certificate of Authenticity.”  This will include the date of service and the name of the certified technician that installed the Z7000 operator and soon the Z4000 operator.  We are going back to our roots and will setup training for all our distributors.  Each distributor in the country must be certified to install our operators.  Plus, we will provide training to utilize our access technology products to be installed with the Z7000 and Z4000 operators. 

Continue to specify U.S. designed and manufactured products.  We need jobs in the USA. 


Dave Edelbrock

“Made in the USA” Challenge

March 7, 2011

 Blog from the President:

 As you can detect from our website, we manufacture all automatic door assemblies in Addison, Texas.  I realize a lot of companies out there will put the “Made in the USA” tag on their products.  But how do you know they are telling the truth?  Most companies subcontract some or all of their electronic subassemblies to China, India, Vietnam or Mexico.  In fact, the norm is subcontracting to save money, and in return, sacrificing quality and U.S. jobs. 

 Recently, in the competitive automatic door market, some of the big guys are manufacturing complete assemblies in China and Mexico.  Actually, complete swing door operators are built and boxed from China or Mexico.  Yes, corporate greed rules again.  I claim bullshit on the big companies for selling out our manufacturing base here in the U.S.A.   

 Therefore, I will challenge all major automatic swing door operators that are UL approved to match my built in the U.S.A. Challenge.  I will even list all my major procurements below and will guarantee that no other major swing door operator can match this challenge.  If you can match this, I will promote your product as an alternative to the Z7000. 

 Here are my major procurements to build the Z7000 built in the U.S.A:  

            Motors—built by Moog Components in North Carolina or Carter Motors built in Warren, IL.

            Header Material – Milled by Tower Extrusions in Olney, Texas.

            CNC Lathe and CNC Mill components – built by sister company—Phasor Precision, Inc., Onalaska,TX.

            Electronic Assemblies – built by sister company – Phasor Technology, Inc., Addison, TX.

            Sheet Metal Assemblies – built by Wrico Stampings in Grapevine, TX.

            Casted Arms –built by Dal-Air in Point, TX.

            Gear Blanks –manufactured by Phasor Precision, Inc., Onalaska,TX.

            Gear Hobbing and Heat Treat – Forest City Gear, Roscoe, IL.

            Assembly of Operator – built at DC Controls, Inc., Addison, TX.

            Springs – built by Associated Spring, Milwaukee, WI.

In addition, I have visited each major supplier and push all suppliers to buy only U.S. raw material if possible. 

Actually, I am positive no major company will match this challenge.   Reason why?  I know the following: 

            Stanley – the largest and biggest in our industry– buy most of their parts in China.   

            Horton – built and boxed from Mexico. 

            Besam – built in Europe/China.  Most European companies are very big on building in China, India, and now Vietnam.

            Dorma –built in Europe/China.

            Record –built in Europe/China.

            Tormax –built in Switzerland/China.

Page 2 

LCN—an Ingorsoll Rand Company.  Not sure where manufactured– but there product is inferior and expensive.  Over 3X the price of the Z7000.  

So prove to me all big companies are not greedy.  If I am wrong and you do build in the U.S.A– as complete as DC Controls, Inc. — please let me know and I will include this on the website for 6 months.   

FYI, maybe Wal-mart/Sam’s Corporate knows something that you do not know– that the Z7000 product will outlast the competition.  And even the big, bad Sxxxxxx Company cannot penetrate this account in their corporate headquarters and campuses in Northwest Arkansas.   Wal-mart has made a commitment to buy from the U.S.A so what is wrong with the rest of you guys?      

Please pass the word on that—“Made in the USA”—means quality and U.S. jobs.


Dave Edelbrock