Letter to Customers


February 11, 2012

Dear Customers:

Hopefully, you have been checking my blogs on the website (www.dc-controls.net) and using this information during your sales pitch to Architects, Specification Companies, Maintenance and Operation Managers.  Made in the USA is important and should be shown to all.  Matter of fact, tell them to schedule a trip to Addison, Texas and we will show you vertical scale manufacturing.  Why should you install European or Chinese junk!  Not sure why we cannot move most of our manufacturing base back to the U.S.A.  We can be competitive, and our quality is far superior to China or Mexico.  The biggest problem with the large companies is corporate greed. 

Just hot off the press is our revised 2012 DC Controls Price List.  We are stocking 10 pages of replacement parts (that are brand new) for Horton swing, slides and revolver products plus our own products (X and Z series parts) — please review the new 2012 DC Controls Price List.

Our next new product –Z4000-– is now ready for pre-production quantities.  Unfortunately, we tried to release this in 2009 but lacked the machine shop capacity.  Just recently (last month) our sister company, Phasor Precision, has moved to our humble abode located in Addison, Texas.  We not only manufacture our PCB Assemblies via Phasor Technology Inc. in-house– now our CNC machine shop—Phasor Precision Inc.—is in-house too.  Prints have been sent out to all new suppliers (all U.S. built components), and our new gear company is in-process on hobbing and heat treating 100 gear blanks.  We hope to take orders by March, 15 2012 for May Deliveries. 

By the way, please check out the web on the Architectural specifications for both Z7000 and Z4000.  Plus, we have a new manual for the Z7000.  If you need specifications, please feel free to call our office at 972-331-2425.

And yes, the Z1000 conversion kits are now ready.  However, we will work on brochures and advertisements to increase our visibility to your customer base. All kits are sold for $ 995.00. 

  1. DC2150-2LP—Control box that is a standard in the slider industry.
  2. DC3955 P/S or DC3956 (Besam) and Harnesses.
  3. DC5600-1 – Motor and gearbox.
  4. Pulleys and Belt.
  5. Custom brackets for Horton, Stanley, Besam, Dor-o-matic, Gyrotech and Tormax. 

The Z1000 conversion kits will be extremely competitive and the directions to install will be extremely easy if you know the DC2150 control.  As stated before, all of our products are manufactured in the U.S.A.  We do not use Japanese controllers or have turnkey manufacturers build the controls in China or Mexico.  We build them at our sister company – Phasor Technology, Inc. located in Addison, Texas.

After both of these products are in full production, then our new Z8000 window operator will be released next.  Sorry we are a small company and we cannot pull money off the money tree around back.  Not sure the time table on this project but will notify all via web blog on the new product releases. I look forward in working with all of you and visiting your facilities as I set up new distributors in 2012. 


 David Edelbrock

History of DC Controls

History of DC Controls:

 Welcome to our humble website.  DC Controls, Inc. started in 2001 after having a dispute with Horton Automatics.  At the time, another one of our companies designed and assembled turnkey assemblies for Horton. Unfortunately, they tried to bully us – it did not work.  For I formulated another company—DC Controls– to compete with Horton on the automatic door market. 

 As you can see in our website, our main product is the Z7000 handicap, low energy, automatic door operator and soon to have the Z4000 automatic door for the larger and heavier automatic swing doors.  This website is designed for the automatic door distributor, architects and college maintenance departments.  A password will be required to access drawings, wiring diagrams, and pricing. 

 Please feel free to call us on other requests such as literature or becoming a distributor.  We hope you will support our company by bringing back jobs to the U.S.A. by using products built exclusively in the U.S.A.


 Dave Edelbrock