First Cousins (once removed) Reunited

July 23, 2016


Blog from the President:


Referencing my last post (written 2 years ago but just recently posted), “Keep the Disabled Mobile”

has a special meaning in my heart after reconnecting with my 1st cousin once removed in Findlay,

Ohio on February 4, 2016.  Her name is April Patton and she was born with spina bifida.

For 41 years (April looks 25) she has been living with this condition and has many daily obstacles

to overcome –which all of us take for granted.  This is why “Keeping the Disabled Mobile”

is extremely important to her and everyone who is confined to a wheelchair.


As you can see from the picture, April’s smile radiates across the room and really enjoys

all family gatherings.  Unfortunately, this gathering was after a funeral and the funeral

was my Mom’s.  Probably one of the saddest days of my life– for my Mom was my best

friend.  However, when April and I posed for this picture, I remembered how special

April was to my Mom.  For years, my Mom would go to visit her mother in Fort Jennings,

Ohio and always remembered to swing by to say hi to April.  My Mom loved April and wanted

her to feel like she was just an ordinary girl with a special gift from God.  My Mom saw and

understood why April was on this earth — she brings hope, faith and understanding to this world.

No one has a bigger heart than April.  And if April could navigate by herself — she would!  This is

why making April mobile is so important to me.


Soon you will see more of April in my brochures and you will see her big smile radiate

across the page.  April is truly –one special girl with a gift from God.


Dave Edelbrock










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