The Disabled Accessibility Operator — Made in the USA

March 12, 2014

Blog from the President:

It has been sometime since my last blog, but we at “DC Controls, Inc.”

have reinvented our brand.  No longer will our company reference our “Z7000

as the “Handicap Door Operator made in the USA”. But now, we will be labeling

our Z7000 and the new Z4000 as “The Disabled Accessibility Operator

made in the USA.”

Having a product that can enrich a person’s life by offering unlimited access to a

building without any help from another is important.  Independence is the key to

anyone’s existence in life and can open up many opportunities (Doors) for people

who do not have full mobility.  We take our health and well being for granted and

expect others to fend for themselves.  We at “DC Controls, Inc.”want to change

everyone’s mindset about the Disabled and make their life easier to maneuver and

function.  This is why our “Z7000– MADE IN THE USA” must be installed in

every Government building, University, School, Municipality and Business.  It can

even be used in the residential market!

To date, we found “NO COMPETITION” manufacturing a “Disabled Accessibility

Operator strictly in the USA.” Answer–Buy American built products!

We need jobs in the USA — especially manufacturing jobs.  We have not lost

our luster to compete globally.  This is a “Cop Out” with major companies claiming

they must compete globally so they outsource most of their manufacturing jobs to

China, India, etc. We can keep our “Middle Class Americans” with good paying

manufacturing jobs by keeping lean and sourcing from other American made companies.

Is it just me or when did most companies in the USA have to pay their V.P.”s and Presidents

multi-million dollar salaries and bonuses!  Corporate Greed runs deep in most U.S. Companies.

Therefore, please pass the word on that –MADE in the USA is still hip and means quality and jobs.

And more importantly Mr./Mrs. Architect –Specify the Z7000 and Z4000 in all your future designs.

“This will enhance everyone in the USA –“Keep the Disabled Mobile.”




Dave Edelbrock



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